Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Visitor numbers Peking at 1000?

The Peking Order had not only Halloween to celebrate this past weekend. As this blog removed its “Freaking Order” costume on Monday, the number of visitors passed the 1000 mark. Of course, most of them are probably the blogs self-indulgent author, but I think this occasion warrants a glance back at some of the less successful hits, and a look forward to the blog’s future.

The Peking Order learned recently that its “dogged and determined” use of wordplay is sailing over the head of at least one person. One young lady, let’s call her “Miss Pun”, failed to smell something fishy when she saw the word “opportunarists”. This was no spelling mistake. Unlike Yan Xishan, the same person also failed to notice that the English title of this blog has two readings – take another look if this comes as news to you. The general rule is: If something looks odd, it is probably an example of my “deft yet distracting” use of puns.
I would forgive most of the readers for not getting The Peking Order’s Chinese name,京制 – I’m not even 100% sure myself that it works. If anyone has anything to say about this – please leave a comment. Perhaps Mr Yan would like to earn some extra “points” here?

This blog might one day prove that “political power can grow from the barrel of a pun”. Hopefully along with some collaborators, The Peking Order will give China the “tabloid” treatment – short, sharp and silly news articles placed daily alongside regular blog entries. If censorship can be avoided by posting only tongue-in-cheek re-writes of existing Chinese newspaper articles, who knows, The Peking Order might one day grow into a reliable expat news source in China.

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