Monday, 10 November 2008

Panda to The Peking Order - Come on my Sun!

The Peking Order was delighted to see that the following had been published today in British tabloid, The Sun. We think that by giving such treatment to Chinese stories, the newspaper has the right idea. However, one must wonder from which witty blog they took inspiration...
Hey, panda eyezzzzzzz
IT’S hard work being a panda cub – and these exhausted specimens can bearly keep their eyes open.
The cuddly characters curled up for fur-ty winks before feeding time at a busy breeding research centre.
Bosses at the base in Chengdu, South West China, hope to boost numbers of the endangered beast via artificial breeding techniques.
But this dozy lot were more interested in their bamboo-ty sleep.
After all, they wouldn’t want dark rings round their eyes.
If readers hadn't guessed, the photograph referred to by the article is of a group of sleeping panda cubs. Unfortunately the picture was not to be easily removed from the paper's website. It seems that The Sun is far more generous with its word play than they are their intellectual property.

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