Monday, 10 November 2008

Beij 3: Sex Fest in China

China became the butt of many jokes yesterday as the Sixth National Sexual Culture Festival got underway in the southern city of Guangdong.

Thong Kong: Crack photographers snap away models sporting the latest in Murena Lingerie, a well-known brand in the former British colony.

For many, the event's highlight was the lingerie show. It was amid roars and jeers, reports the People’s Daily Online, that the scantily-clad models strutted their stuff down the catwalk. Males in the front row were apparently not satisfied when models wore skirts; many lowered their heads for a better view while others simply resorted to sitting on the floor to get the best angles.

The audience was not always so enthusiastic. When models wore too much for someone's liking, the reporter heard the man yell: “I didn’t pay thirty yuan to watch this kind of show!”

Yesterday’s event will have come as a disappointment for not only those who hoped for a serious fashion exhibit. As the show descended into farce, scenes witnessed in Guangdong might also make bitter viewing for those who believe that China has developed into a society with more grown-up and modern attitudes to sex and nudity.

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