Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bald Grass Mud Horses - 草泥光头马

The grass mud horse - cao ni ma (草泥马) - is a popular Chinese Internet phrase used as symbolic defiance of Internet censorship in China. The Chinese words for "grass mud horse" sound very similar to the common profanity 肏你妈. which translates as "fuck your mother".

Videos, cartoons and merchandise of this mythical animal, which resembles the alpaca, have been widely circulating online since early last year. However, it was only recently that I received these photographs of my family farm's very own grass mud horses looking quite unlike the bushy creatures that attempt to subjugate the Chinese government's attempts at control.


Since the grass mud horse, or cao ni ma, is used as defiance of censorship in China, I wonder if there is any different hidden agenda of Brickfield Farm's very own Bald Grass Mud Horses, or cao ni guangtou ma (草泥光头马)?


Jeremy Goldkorn said...

Was your family farm using your beasts to participate in the September 9 shaved head (get rid of 毛) campaign?

Jez Webb said...

草泥无毛马 - No-haired grass mud horses! Thks @Goldkorn 4 inspiration.

hannie said...

well done jez.