Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Restraint of Beasts

I have spent the last three weeks erecting fences on Brickfield Farm - the 35 acres near Brighton that I have lived on all my life. Where previous fencing had long since fallen into disrepair, I toiled to create two new paddocks: one around our pond and one beside the lean-to of our main barn.

Some before-and-afters:

Previously-restrained beasts:

As soon as I have fulfilled my Chinese dream (whatever that might be), I will return to England and start a fencing company - it will be called "Restraint of Beasts".


Stagefright said...

Good work Jez-fuck tongue IN cheek your making a ton(gue) out of cheek(s)

周愚 said...

That is amazing

Anonymous said...

Not another fucking pom!