Monday, 27 July 2009

On the Webb: Blackie's KONGKAST


Kongkretebass have been organizing and promoting drum & bass events in Hong Kong since early 2006. In addition to regular events, this HK crew produce the KONGKAST podcast, which, with several thousand listeners every month, features guest mixes from DJs and producers around the globe.

Released yesterday, the 94th KONGKAST stars life-long friend of The Peking Order, DJ Blackie. This is how Beijing's very own D&B superstar is introduced on the website:

Since his arrival in China back in 2004, Dj Blackie has swiftly connected with Beijing’s electronic music scene and become a celebrated dance floor killa, known for his driving dnb sets. Apart from performing for his crew The Syndicate, Blackie is also regularly seen in the spotlight alongside uber-respected promoters ‘02culture’ at the popular Yen parties.

Download Blackie's KONGKAST here!

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