Sunday, 26 July 2009

Nanluo nail house?

The Beijing News followed up today with further reporting on the construction at Nanluoguxiang. While the main article claims that evictions are going smoothly, a brief side story talks about a family who are unlucky enough to live in a gongfang (公房)- a type of public property - within the demolition area. Below is a direct translation:

To the north of Di'anmen Dongdajie and to the east of Nanluoguxiang, blue construction barriers obscure a single gateway. Most of the buildings behind this have already been demolished. However, further into the courtyard, standing among rubble, a single home remains. Both telephone and TV have been disconnected.

After letting us in to her home, Mrs Fu explains why she has not moved out: "No agreement has been reached over compensation."

Along with her family of three, Mrs Fu has lived in this home - a 30-square-meter gongfang - for the last 20 years.

"We have had several discussions with the demolition company, who, after initially promising compensation, went back on their word. We have still not signed any contract." While Mrs Fu refused to reveal the exact amount that she is asking for, she told us that she is hoping for enough money to be able to buy a three-bedroom property within Beijing's third ring road.

A potential nail house (钉子户), right on my doorstep?


Ned said...

Fukin disgrace knocking down all the hutongs around nanluo. Can only guess that this new subway station they are making room for is gonna destroy the whole feel of the place. Just where the fuck do Beijing urban planners get these wakky ideas from? No idea. Go Mrs Fu!

Jez Webb said...

Will a subway station (I think there are two actually) mean better business for places like Ned's?

Although it will mean a lot more people, I necessarily think so. Do people who take the subway spend buy beer? If anything I worry that the crowds will drive away customers.

What do people think?