Friday, 9 January 2009

On the Webb: Sexy Peking

Sexy Beijing is an online TV show that roams Beijing in search of answers to questions loosely based around love, dating and women's issues. The popular program is heavily based around the "Carrie Bradshaw" concept - a single girl looking for love in the big city, right down to the theme music and "so I started wondering..." voice overs.
The American host Su Fei, known to many by her English name Anna Loewenberg, has a good presenting style and asks good questions that I would be too embarassed to ask.

This episode, which asks "how do migrants find love in the big city," features embarassed workers, topless in the Beijing summer heat. It was clearly filmed a long time ago. Although it is kept light hearted, maybe the fact that it touches on the plight of lonely migrants, meant that Su Fei struggled to get this one published.

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