Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Beij 3: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cameraman


In China's latest "sexy photo scandal," topless photographs of 29-year-old Zhang Ziyi are doing the rounds on the Chinese Internet. The pictures were taken while the Chinese actress was sunbathing recently in St. Barts with her fiance Aviv Nevo, an Isreali venture capitalist.

The full set of 81 images can be viewed at X17 Galleries, where some of the more saucy snaps reveal a great deal more of the starlet's collapsible frame.
The photographs have caused outrage among mainland Chinese netizens who are clearly not familiar with the ruthless traditions of the Western paparazzi. Needless to say, furious online commentary has ensued. Below are two of the more extreme comments that I found, each is a very different way of looking at the relatively innocuous photos. I am far more sympathetic to one than the other:
ugly whtie people with thick body hair and stink smell. urghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Posted by: 大葱炒韭菜from 天涯社区
give me one minute with this hoe, and i would have my nuts in her guts.
Posted by: Anonymous

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Fish Psychiatrist said...

Yes I agree with you Webb, I too hate ugly whtie people with thick body hair and stink smell.