Monday, 8 December 2008

Beij 3: Eunis Yao-zer!!

Grace Cheung handed over the title of Miss Asia to 23-year-old Eunis Yao at the award ceremony for the 2008 Miss Asia Pageant, held by Asia Television Limited in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Miss Asia 2008 flanked by runners up, Belinda Yan and Lene Lai

With 137,610 public votes, Yao snatched the prize from her Canadian-Chinese rival Belinda Yan, who, according to The People’s Daily, was close behind with 129,416 votes. The old-fashioned paper also mentions that by “selling her flesh”, Eunis, who measures in at 34-24-35, also won the award for perfect figure. Upon being crowned, the winner exclaimed: “Since I thought I would be knocked out during the earlier stages, I didn’t have high hopes on entering”.

23-year-old Eunis Yao, Hong Kong

The Peking Order is considering publishing a retrospective of what has been a whirlwind year for the 2007 winner, Grace Cheung (pictured below). It is unlikely that the Hong Kong student dreamed of such stardom when she shared a flat with this blogger back in 2005.

Putting the "grace" in Disgraceful

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