Monday, 21 September 2009

"To the foreigners" - A notice from the local police

The following appeared outside my door earlier this evening:

To the foreigners:

October 1st, 2009 is the 60th anniversary of founding the People's Republic of China, Celebrations and Eve Gala Evenings will be held accordingly. The close down and cordon off area will include the area that you live in curtain period. For the smooth going of your daily life, we take pleasure in announcing the following issues:
  1. Please reduce your going out as possibly as you can. While having to go out, please definitely take your passport and the temporary accommodation register form.
  2. You had better refuse the visitors who possibly cannot arrive at your abode.
  3. Please save certain of living necessity, then the peripheral store won't can provide convenience.
  4. Please obey the policeman's direction and control. Your co-operations are most appreciated.
  5. Please pay attention to the government's announcement about traffic control, and work well your route of travel arrangement in advance.
Dong Cheng District Public Security Bureau wish you having a happy life in our magistracy!

Dong Cheng District Public Security Bureau
September 4, 2009


Sam P said...

Classic! Good to see the rigorous celebration preparations extended to a hiring a single native english speaker for ten minutes of proofr eading..

Talha Grafix said...