Monday, 10 August 2009

China, cheesier than ever...


As an ex-cheesemaker, I was excited to hear about Le Fromager du Pekin, which, according to a Daily Telegraph article, is Beijing's first French-style Chinese cheese manufacturer.


Say Cheese...

Liu Yang learned his craft in France while studying management. After befriending a shepherd who taught him how to make goat's cheese in Corsica, he enrolled at the local agricultural school. "All the people studying with me came from cheese-making families and they were all French. I was the only foreigner and I couldn't make cheese," he is quoted as saying.

On his return to China, he set up shop, importing equipment from France and asking a local engineer to make him a cheese-making vat. Mr Liu makes blue cheeses and a Camembert with the slightly disappointing name, "Beijing Grey."

Having thought hard about Chinese cheese names suitable for The Peking Order, I came up with a controversial mild Dutch cheese made on the Yangtze River, the “Three Gorges Edam.”

Another suggestion for Mr Liu is a tribute to China’s first emperor and his mausoleum in Xi’an, the “TerRICOTTA Warrior.”


Anonymous said...

A revolutionary smelly blue cheese: Mao ZePONG?

Wainwrizzle said...
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Wainwrizzle said...

I have a penchant for MAOzzerella

Anonymous said...


A hard Italian cheese made by the third ringroad: Parmasanhuan

Jez Webb said...

The only cheese allowed during the China's Cultural Revolution was Red Leicester

Anonymous said...

Post-Olympic boom:
One World One Cheese?

Blackie said...

Comment deleted???

What is this Mr Webb? Now semi-free from government imposed censorship, you feel the need to put your own kind of strangle hold on proceedings.

What's that, you want free speech on the Webb?

'Hard cheese' i'm afraid.