Thursday, 5 February 2009

On the Webb: Have I got news for you

Apologies for the brief blogging hiatus - I have been ill. Nothing too serious, just serious enough to prevent me concentrating on anything but DVDs of Dirty Sexy Money Series Two.

The following is a clip that was shown on Tianjin TV to introduce its Spring Festival show. According to Danwei, the video is "poking fun at the stodgy image of state television." I was disappointed that, just like my latest DVD boxed set, the clip gets a bit too "wacky" towards the end. However, it came as news to me that such subtle - almost subversive - comedy airs on Chinese TV. I didn't think they had it in them.


zhwj said...

This was an *internal* Spring Festival show, which means that this clip wouldn't have been shown on-air.

I've made this clearer in the post itself and added links to other relevant clips. Sorry about the misleading information.

Anonymous said...

Dont too hard at work,
Take care of yourself