Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Beij 3: Kappa slapper

“Kappa slapper” was a phrase used to describe a girl who, taking advantage of cut-priced Kappa clothing in Britain during the mid-nineties, would stand around on street corners causing trouble while dressed head to toe in the gaudy tracksuits.
Miss Huang – 太黄…

The expression quickly dropped out of common usage when the brand, forever sullied by its association with promiscuous and often ugly girls, lost all its credibility in the British Isles.

Now, a decade later, as far away as China, no sooner has Kappa begun its Asian marketing strategy, a female of questionable character looks set once again to destroy the image of the sportswear manufacturer.

A couple of months ago, Miss Huang was fired from a Kappa outlet in Shanghai when it was discovered that the 12-minute-long sex video that she had uploaded of herself and a partner had been spread on the Chinese Internet.

Things were to get worse for the girl when she was arrested last Friday. Police are quoted in a report by The China Daily, as saying she had set up a blog in a bid to "profit from her notoriety by offering advertising space and interviews in exchange for cash”.

Following this incredible bust, The Peking Order is in no doubt that the Chinese porn police are currently working hard to remove the clip from the Internet.