Monday, 24 November 2008

Beij 3: Chen Yi



Former Supergirl hopeful Chen Yi (陈怡) caused a splash when she recently posed in a swimsuit for a Japanese version of Playboy. Angry Chinese netizens believe that by draping herself over the flags of Japan and China, the Chinese 21-year old is insulting her motherland. Chinasmack translates the best of the commentary here.

This is not the first time a Chinese celebrity has run into trouble over questionable use of national flags. In 2001, Chinese actress Zhao Wei took the controversial step of wearing a dress depicting the Japanese military flag for a fashion shoot in a Japanese magazine. Readers of The Peking Order will also remember Yi Yanlin's political statement earlier this month when the Taiwanese model choose to wear a dress bearing both the flag of the PRC and the ROC.

The Peking Order regrets that, even after some thought, it was unable find a tasteful way to use the word "nips" in today's entry.

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