Sunday, 12 October 2008

Order of the day: Settling Down?

I haven't written anything for ages because I haven't had the Internet and I have been stressed. I am moving house - the reason I have both been stressed and haven't had the Internet.

BAT an eyelid? In the last couple of days I started what should be a regular English teaching slot - two hours a week for 400 RMB (£33). Someone in our group of friends was offered the same job back in 2006. At the time the boy's father was an executive of British American Tobacco - controversy raged over whether it was ethical to get involved with someone who was responsible for selling as many cigarettes as possible to the Chinese. He deals with Hoovers now, I guess that sucks, only in a different way.

Over-attentive service staff. A few weeks ago, after seeing me discretely trying to pick my teeth in a bar, a waitress indiscretely passed me some toothpicks. This turned out to be no isolated incident: Last night a bar lady saw me idly picking a spot and brought over some tissues to clean up whatever mess might result from my public preening.

Rage against the maChinois. While the tissue incident was making me feel like a disgusting freak, the young Chinese moshers in a heavy metal concert – I was there to keep a friend company - were making me feel old. It was all a bit too Korny for me so I kept my mind on wordplay: Puns and Roses?

Whotong? I suppose the main thing on my mind has been sorting my house. However, since I am uncertain about my future there I will say no more about it - I have paid rent without signing anything. Speaking about it as my own place might just BeiJinx the whole thing.

As soon as I am settled down with a house with an Internet connection I will start writing more - stay tuned.


Stagefright said...

Puns & Roses,Korny,Beijinx,what rich delights!

Christine said...

oh grrrooooaaannnnn!
Keep up the punnage, maybe you'll get somewhere through your dogged and determined use of puns, if not through genuine funniness!!
How you doing jez, great to catch up in such a very 21st century way.....