Sunday, 19 October 2008

Goldie-mocks and the Three Bears

Drum & Bass pioneer Goldie will be appearing at Beijing's Yugong Yishan this coming Saturday.
In a related incident, The Peking Order has heard reports that one of the individuals handing out flyers for the event has been masquerading as the Drum and Bass legend himself. The young man, who bears little resemblance to the British DJ (pictured below), has capitalised on the fact the majority of Chinese have never heard of Goldie and think that all foreigners look alike. The drunken opportunist even accepted requests to sign the flyers.

The unscrupulous character in question is none other than yours truly. There was talk of me attending a dinner with Goldie and promoters, The Syndicate. How could I ever face the "Original B-Boy" now?

"Dimeless", perhaps. Which brings me to another piece of news - I am skint. The small pile of money on my table - about 1000 RMB - is all I have left in the world. I have emailed BARE job applications but my inbox still remains BARE; it seems that I have no choice but to grin and BEAR this period of austerity.

Also, I have yet to get the Internet at my 'yard - promised prolific blogging awaits broadband connection.


Stagefright said...

Cant believe you actually signed those poor peoples flyers

周愚 said...

I signed one. By that stage the lie, not my doing, was already out of hand - it would have been ruder not to have signed.

Samuel said...

haha jez you chief, didnt you tell me that you went to newquay and ended up auditioning people to MC at a drum and bass club?

goldie also threw a french dj down a set of stairs for remixing one of his tunes, so imagine what would happen to you if you attend that dinner!


Jez Webb said...

punglist massive

Logical Burk said...

Well done on the correct spelling of "bare", incorrect spelling of slang always gets on my nerves.. Did u end up meeting him and how was that night?